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Collaboration in evaluation  
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Working paper series

The Covaluator Network invites evaluators to publish papers of interest for a public audience.

Series 1 papers

S1.1 Measuring the unmeasurable

S1.2 Unlearning what we know is true

S1.3 Beyond informed consent: how is it possible to ethically evaluate Indigenous programs?

Series 2 papers

S2.1 The politics of evaluation

S2.2 Traditional healing: a literature review

S2.3 Legitimising evaluation for vocational learning

S2.4 Evidence, policy and practice: a long and winding road

Series 3 papers

S3.1 Training for life... in two worlds

S3.2 Lessons from an evaluation of TrainingPlus

S3.3 The proof is in the pudding

S3.4 Not a level playing field: workforce development in the NT

S3.5 Learning social circus

S3.6 Evaluation of FAST at Galiwin'ku



Series 1: Evaluation methods
Papers that describe innovative evaluation methods

Series 2: Evaluation and policy
Papers that report on the application of evaluation in a policy context .

Series 3: Evaluation learnings
Reports based on program evaluation findings .